Our values

Quality of products

Meeting consumer requirements guarantees successful work and future development of enterprises in current environment of competition. High quality of produced chicken meat, milk, forage and grain together with effective management of production are very important for holding positions in the market.

We acknowledge our responsibility as producers of food and forage. Our duty is providing people with high-quality, ecologically clean and safe products. Our entire production structure is subject to this duty. For achieving the purpose of delivery of high-quality products to consumers, we keep quality under control in all stages of production process. Our workers acknowledge quality as the highest goal and responsibility.

We regularly conduct client surveys for study, analysis and apply of consumer desires, research current situation in the market and carry out marketing researches. It enables us to take measures for further quality improvement in regard to our products. We strive for building mutually useful cooperation relations with suppliers of raw materials and other means used in production of food and forage products. At the same time, the abovementioned materials are used only after corresponding inspections in regard to their origin, production, packing, storage and safety are conducted and required relevant documents are presented. Applying hygienic instructions in all stages of production, SABA provides food and forage products that meet requirements of safety standards.


Increase of skills and abilities of SABA personnel guarantees increase in their service development and material well-being. Our company always supports any initiatives regarding development of skills and abilities of our personnel. Supporting Quality Management System, as well as all measures taken for ensuring food and forage safety, administration of our company obliges itself with constant increase in quality of service.

Social responsibility

Activities of SABA in the social sphere are always in the spotlight. It should be mentioned that approximately 1000 workers work in our enterprises, currently. But it is not the final number. Exactly applying the State Program on Development of Regions, SABA is planning to open additional 300-400 workplaces in the next few years. It is a significant number for undeveloped regions as Bilasuvar, Aghjabadi, Davachi and Beylagan. Workers of SABA enterprises derive profit from several social benefits, including some social privileges defined in the labor legislation of Azerbaijan Republic. They also have the right to by our products in discounted prices. SABA has played a significant role in building and renovation of a park, the alley of martyrs and other social buildings in the centre of Davachi region.

Disinterestedly providing all kindergartens and children houses of Baku (308 in total) with chicken meat in 2012, SABA has made important contribution to elimination of social difficulties in the society.

Protection of Environment

SABA conducts systematic activities for ensuring ecologic safety of production. Spiritually and physically outmoded broiler equipments were replaced with new equipments in European standards, which were supplied by the German Big Dutchman Company. As a result, production became ecologically safe and appearance of liquid manure was prevented. Furthermore, keeping chickens in natural conditions, we increase quality of chicken meat.

Our company allocates significant resources for measures taken for protection of nature. We always pay attention to environmental issues and monitor situation of underground water, ground and air. In addition, microbiological and biochemical studies in independent laboratories are conducted regularly.