Organic fertilizer

Seba is an only company manufacturing the organic fertilizer in the country!

         Currently the organic fertilizers are popular in the field of agriculture. The modern consumer is interested closely in both the quality of the product and its ecological condition and production process. The advanced companies acting in agricultural segment takes into account this modern tendency, gives attention to the quality of the product, the land and its productivity.

         “Seba” always perceived its ecological responsibility during its 16 years professional activity in the field of poultry farming.

That is why, it offers the organic granular fertilizer prepared on the basis of the poultry manure.

The provision of the organic fertilizer plant with the raw material is realized by Seba poultry farm. The annual capacity of the production is 20 000 ready product. The fertilizer is sold in 50, 25 and 12 kg weights. The farmer industries are provided in the special effective - 1 tons packaging form.

Note: Corn and soybean ecologically clean cultivated at Aghjabadi, Fuzuli, Kurdamir and Aghsu fields are used as feed in the poultry farm of the company Seba. Just this ration gives an opportunity for production of the fertilizer of common appointment.

The fertilizer “Seba” is suitable for all known seeding machines.


Why Seba organic fertilizers?

In order to submit an effective and high quality organic fertilizer for our customers, we:

  • use the latest innovative technology in the segment;
  • strictly control the quality during all production process;
  • improve the fertilizer always and test it regularly.

That is why, our organic fertilizer is rich with the efficient macro and micro elements. It is useful for some plant and land types. The chance for achieving ecologically clean product is very great just due to such fertilizers!

Main features of SEBA organic fertilizer

  • Contains all important nutritious substances
  • NPK fertilizer effecting in a short time
  • Useful microbiology is added
  • No flora, weed seeds and parasitic larvas causing the diseases.
  • Ecologically clean. No unpleasant smell
  • Unlike the fresh manure, the probability of self-ignition is excluded.
  • No toxic