The Group of Companies


The main mission of all agro enterprises – “SEBA” OJSC, "Bilasuvar Agro" LLC, "Garabagh Takhil" LLC and “Garabagh Tokhum” LLC  is to deliver for the consumers and customers the healthy, ecologically clean product by benefiting the modern technology and agricultural innovative experience!


Our company produces the chicken, milk and feed products in 100% natural conditions since its establishment. One of the most important factors for us is to cook healthy, tasty meals in our kitchen!

How did we begin?

"SEBA" Open Joint-Stock Company was established in 1996 due to the reconstruction of the material-technical base of Davachi Poultry Factory beginning to operate in 1981. According to the I State Program on Privatization, Davachi Poultry Factory has passed successfully the process of privatization in 1997. The reconstruction works such as the restoration of the previous production power in the factory in January of 2002, the installation of modern equipments instead of the outdated equipments, making fit for use by repairing the existing mechanism and devices and etc. have begun and the enterprise has been become into the fully ready condition for the annual product production during 6 months. The credit in the amount of 13 million manats was directed to the restoration of the production allocated for “SEBA” OJSC by Republic Joint-Stock Commercial bank during a process. The experienced and qualified staff working formerly in the enterprise has been involved to the production again.

  • Seba is a first permitted chicken brand of Azerbaijan.


  • Seba butter was elected the most liked local butter of 2018.  


  • Seba is a company of the 2018th year in the production of poultry meat products.


  • Seba chickens are fed with the feed that is the local production of Seba.

Seba always focuses on progress in each activity field and on application of the modern technology in production. The company deposited great investments for the development of the production of the poultry meat from quality and quantity view point and purchased new equipments in 2014-2015. Seba could present the product with hygienic quality, and natural features thank to these equipments.

Seba began to process deeply the poultry meat produced and the investments have been allocated for this process. The semi-finished goods – chicken nuggets, cutlets, kebabs, sausages, farce and etc. prepared in the result of processing with the modern technologies are presented for sale in a short time. These semi-finished goods are very popular among the customers for their taste and practical use in the welfare.

The refrigerating device with 2 000 tons capacity is installed at Khirdalan for keeping the poultry meat and dairy products of Seba under the hygienic norms.

The logistics service of Seba operates with the machines more than 200. Seba machines delivers from the regions (Davachi and Bilasuvar) to Baku both the raw material, and fresh and frozen products.

The Company owns its distribution network: every day about 96 machines deliver the frozen and fresh products of Seba to the market, hotel, café and restaurants more than 1600 in a short time and proper to the sanitary-hygienic norms from the storage located at Khirdalan.


Bilasuvar Agro LLC

  • Daily milk intake capacity is 150 tons.


  • Only the local raw material is used.

How did we begin?

“Bilasuvar Agro” Limited Liability Company was constructed at Bilasuvar city with the recommendation of Ilahm Aliyev the President of the country and within “2004-2008 years State Program for Socio-Economic Development of the regions”. The opening of the milk processing plant founded in 2007 was realized with the participation of the President on 10 November, 2008. It is the enterprise with the common investment expenses containing 10 million manats and having no analogue in the region. 

The plant owned by “Bilasuvar Agro” LLC has 150 tons daily milk intake capacity. The modern equipments brought from Germany, Poland, Turkey, the USA and other countries have been installed in the enterprise for the processing of the dry milk, butter and condensed milk. 82% butter is prepared from the milk at the plant, and the dry milk with 25% fat content and without fat was produced from the remaining mass on the basis of the perfect technology. “Bilasuvar Agro” uses only the local raw material in the processing. Two buildings with 6 apartments have been built for the high qualified specialists in the territory of the Plant, and the comprehensive renovation works have been carried out. The water for the plant has been taken from the artificial lake with 8 thousand m3 capacity, and it has been given to the plant by being cleaned in the perfect equipments brought from the USA. The activity of such modern plant at Bilasuvar is a visual parameter of the quick development of the non-oil sector in all regions of our republic.

Garabagh Takhil


  • The feeding stuff and cereals are cultivated in 25 000 ha area.


  • The most modern PİVOT equipment is used in the irrigation.


  • The local product is cultivated under ecologically clean conditions.

How did we begin?

The reforms made in the agrarian field and the varied support by the state caused the provision of the dynamic development production of the agricultural products (especially the plant-growing products), and happening of the significant changes in the structure of planting structure of the agricultural products and in the structure of the product manufacture.

“Garabagh Takhil” Limited Liability Company was established in April of 2012 with the purpose of production, supply, sales of the products used as feeding stuff in the poultry farm and strengthening continuously the food safety in Azerbaijan taking into account the increasing production needs. Seba has deposited the investment in enterprise in the amount of 20 million.

 “Garabagh Takhil” LLC began the production of feeding stuff and cereals in the planting area with 4 800 ha common territory in the regions Beylagan, Aghjabadi, Kurdamir, Aghsu with the purpose of decreasing the chicken price by producing the qualitative feeding stuff in the country that was brought in high expenses abroad. The technology made in the USA is used in collection of the corn product. The artificial rainfall aggregats (PIVOT) used in the irrigation system is one of the modern methods applied in planting. PIVOT saves several times the water used in the irrigation. The product is preserved proper to the necessary needs in 20 000 tons storage at Beylagan until the product is used in its destination.

The manure of the poultry breeded by Seba OJSC is used in the fertilization of the area. It is both directed to the environmental protection as the effective use of wastes and provides the plant with the natural fertilizer.

A part of the planting products of “Garabagh Takhil” LLC is sent to Seba. Hereby Seba feels sure in quality of the poultry feed cultivated.


Garabagh Tokhum


  • Cultivates the seed in 4800 hectares territory of Aghjabadi and Beylagan regions
  • Gets profit since the third year of the activity
  • Achieved the record productivity in the country for grain plating in 2013

Garabagh Tokhum was established in 2016. Our purposes:  

  • To discover the potential of Azerbaijan in the agrarian sector
  • To build a world-class economy
  • To decrease the country’s dependence on import

One of the most significant terms in provision of the food safety in the country is to increase the cereals production. The production of the cereals productive, durable against the local climate conditions and diseases, with high reproduction is of great importance from this view point. The important measures are taken in this regard in our republic, new seed-farm is established, and they are equipped with the modern agricultural technologies. One of these enterprises is established in 2016.

This field includes the specialists with the experience in growing grain. The measures of struggle against the diseases, pests and weeds effecting the productivity and quality of the wheat are taken regularly.  


“Daily” shops  

We are close to our customer as NATIVE DISTRICT STORE in order to deliver our products QUITE FRESH.






“Daily” shops chain is a project of Seba OJSC, and it became the separate brand of the company. The independent “Daily” shops chain covers Baku, Sumgayit and Southern region where only the products under the trademark “Seba” (varieties of dairy and poultry products) are sold. Currently 120 stores operate on these regions: 69 stores in Baku, 6 in Absheron region, 28 in Sumgayit, and 17 stores in the Southern region. It is planned to expand the scope of “Daily” shops. So, the number of Seba stores will be increased firstly within the capital. In the next stage it is intended to open the stores in the Northern (Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz), North-west (Ismayilli, Gabala), Ganja and Ganjabasar zones. Hereby, by covering a large area “Daily” shops will be close to the customers, and will meet the customers’ needs in healthy and fresh products in wide varieties. 

The important part of the company’s sales will be realized by “Daily” shops. The concept of the chain is to offer the realest price to the customer in its unit platform. The poultry meat, dairy products (sour milk, sour cream, butter) are delivered to the shops in some hours through the machines of Seba by obeying the strict hygienic rules. “Daily” shops are supplied with the necessary equipments proper to the standards. The sanitary rules in the storage conditions of all products are in the center of attention. Being aware of all team (responsible person on territory, supervisor, seller) of “Daily” shops about each variety of Seba products acknowledges the customer satisfaction as a main target. It is planned to realize the additional complex measures in the perspective (formation of customer base, SMS service and etc.) with the purpose of increasing this satisfaction.