The value of our title:

“SEBA” - is means “morning breeze”, “morning coolness”. We wanted “Seba” to have the same value as the breeze means for the hot Caspian coasts. Our target is to offer the products needed and required, and to see beforehand the new tendencies in the need being progressed constantly!

The meanings expressed in the logotype:

The stylistics of Seba logotype is formed completely on the concept “naturalness”.

Green color – it means the obligation to keep the natural features of the food and feedstuff in all activity stages of the companies of Seba, the promise to present them to the consumers by protecting completely the ecological standards.

Sun – expresses both the productivity, the active role of our companies in the economic development of the company, and its trying constantly towards the progress.

Currently Seba stands in higher position in comparison with other foreign producers in its segment. Only the producers preferring the fresh poultry meat and dairy products choose just Seba products due to its high quality, naturalness, short expire date and delivery to the shops in a short time!


Vertical integration


The foundation of Seba’s success is the business-model vertically integrated.

As Seba OJSC we bear responsibility for all stages of the production: from the production of incubation egg up to the ready product, since the cultivation of the cereal products up to the preparation of the combi feed for the poultry. In each stage of the process we stay true to the PHILOSOPHY OF “FROM NATURE TO THE KITCHEN” and obey completely all obligations undertaken under this philosophy. The investments deposited to the construction of the unique business-model and new production premises is one of the priorities differing us.

The vertical integration of the business guarantees for the constant high quality standards of our products.

We conduct the cultivation works in the greatest plot of lands of Azerbaijan. The cereals are processed in the plants of combi feed, and offered to the third parties as well.

High technologies, intensive investments, the use of advanced world experience in soil treatment, the high productivity and effective parameters of the cultivation we gained in the result of the strong management team are high enough.

To cultivate the cereals belonging to the company in the planting fields is one of the main components of the business-model integrated. This product is used in the preparation of combi feed for the poultry. The cultivation of the agricultural plants allows to meet 100% our needs and to control over