Our values

Product quality

Meeting the requirements of the consumer is a guaranty of the successful activity and future development in today’s competitive environment. The constant high level production of the chicken meat, milk, feed and cereal products and effective management of production plays an important role in the expansion of the company’s position in the market and in increasing the production capacity.

We know our responsibility before the consumers as a producer of the foodstuff. Our main duty is to provide the people with the qualitative, ecological clean and safe product. All our production structure is subject to this task. The quality control should be given attention in all stages of the production process and should be considered as higher aim and responsibility by all staff in order to deliver the high quality product to the consumers.

The regular inquiries are conducted, the condition of market is researched, the marketing researches are carries out and the measures are taken constantly in order to improve the quality for the research, analysis and taking into account of the consumers’ desires.  The mutual useful cooperation relations are developed for the parties and the suppliers of the raw material, material and other means used in the production of the food and foodstuff and determining their quality. At the same time, they are used after keeping the proper controls connected with the origin, production, processing, packaging, storage of these goods and their safety in the foodstuff industry and after getting the official documents. SEBA provides the consumers with the food and foodstuff meeting the safety standards by obeying the hygienic rules in all stages of the production and sales.


SEBA is a guaranty for the increase of the knowledge and skills of employees, the improvement of their service development and material position. The company supports constantly the initiative of increasing the knowledge and skills of its employees, provides them to be in the level required and their constant development. The directorate of the company undertakes to increase its effectiveness proper to the requirements by supporting all events connected with the Quality Management System, at the same time, the safety of the food and feedstuff.

Social responsibility

The socially-oriented activity of SEBA is always in the focus of attention. It is necessary to mention that, about 1000 employees work currently at the enterprise. But it is not the end. SEBA by obeying exactly the state program on regions’ development intends to open more 300-400 work places in the enterprise in the future years. And it is enough weighty number for the regions such as Davachi, Bilasuvar, Beylagan, Aghjabadi not developed strongly economically. The employees working in the enterprises of SEBA are entitled to benefit from some social discounts, as well as, from some social privileges intended in the labor law of Azerbaijan, and to purchase the products of the enterprise at a discounted price. SEBA has participated closely in the construction and renovation of the park named after Heydar Aliyev, the Martyr’s Avenue and some social premises.

SEBA proved once more its support in the elimination of the social difficulties in the society by providing disinterestedly all kindergartens and children’s home (308 enterprises) with the poultry meat at Baku in 2012.

Environmental protection

SEBA carries out the consecutive works in order to provide the ecological safety. The equipments of new European standards provided by the company “Big Dutchman” have been installed proper to the high ecological standards of Germany instead of the broiler equipment outdated morally and physically. New equipment eliminated the formation of the limpid manure making ecologically safety the production. Keeping the chickens under the natural conditions influences positively the development of the birds and the quality of the chicken meat.

The significant means are allocated for the measures taken for the nature protection. The environment is constantly given attention in the fields of production and the monitoring of the underground waters, land and weather forecast is conducted. The microbiological and biochemical researches are carried out regularly in the independent laboratories.

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We always set great targets in all directions! Either the values in the corporate management, or working principles in the management system, or quality standards in the production process – all these should satisfy us first of all!

We always try to realize the desires and wishes of our consumers, approach each consumer individually and put forward as a main factor the quality of the products we produce! All successes we achieved show that, we deserve the motto “QUALITY LEADER!” not only in the words, but just in our actions.